After 10 years delivering high-growth Sales and Marketing for Scottish companies, I've developed a process that Generates Sales Demand, Increases Leads and Grows Revenue. A process that uses the power of modern digital marketing tools and methods. By adopting this process, you get revenue growth that's predictable and scalable. Plus the process can then be deployed for future campaigns, meaning your marketing activities will continue to deliver sales revenue growth for years to come.

There are three key components to my Sales Demand Generation Process: Ideal Customer Profile, Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel and Success Analysis.

Ideal Customer Profile

The first stage is creating your Ideal Customer Profile and is used to focus marketing campaigns and content. This enables you to reach potential customers, increase sales leads and grow revenue.

This is where we identify:

  • Who (job title, industry).
  • Where (location, where they find information online, what social media platforms they use).
  • What (the problems and challenges they are facing).
  • How (how your products and services solve those challenges).


Ideal Customer

Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel

My process is to take a traditional Sales funnel, but integrate Marketing into the top. Campaigns drive potential customers to a Web landing page. The Web landing page is optimised to convert visitors into Sales Leads. These leads are then qualified and converted into Opportunities. Finally these Opportunities are won, producing Customers and Revenue.

Using the Sales Demand Generation process, you can think of your Marketing an integral part of your sales team. A digital sales team that delivers predictable and scalable revenue growth.

Want to learn more? Watch this Whiteboard Webinar where I explain the Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel.

Success Analysis

Every part of the Sales Demand Generation process has success analysis – what worked and what didn't. Now you can repeat your successes and skip the failures and grow revenue even more.

It’s how I managed to help one client grow their sales leads by over 10x after one month and generated over £27m sales pipeline in one year.

How You Will Increase Your Leads and Grow Revenue

A Sales Demand Generation project typically takes 10 days and can be implemented 2 days a week, over 5 weeks. During that time, I will deliver:

  • Ideal Customer Profile: Identify your Ideal Customer Profile and carry out Market, Content and Target Analysis.
  • Campaign Planning & Execution: Using the integrated Sales and Marketing Funnel process, execution plans are detailed. Campaigns include; Social Media posts, emails, Google Adwords, Adsense and Remarketing adverts.
  • Reporting: How many sales leads and opportunities have been created. How much revenue has been generated and what delivered that success. Plus full reports on Ideal Customer Profile, Campaign Planning & Execution and Sales Demand Generation methodology.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Complete coaching and mentoring to support the knowledge/development. This enabled the marketing manager to continue with the Sales Demand Generation process after the campaign has been completed.

And if you don't have a marketing person in place, don't worry as I can execute all of the components of the Sales Demand Generation process.

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