In addition to helping you build sales revenue through Sales Demand Generation and Organic Demand Generation,  I can also bring my experience of Digital Sales and Marketing technologies.

My skills include:

  • Web Content Management Systems (DNN, WordPress).
  • CRM reporting, dashboards and analysis (, sage).
  • Email campaigns (Campaign Monitor, Exact Target).
  • Email list generation.
  • Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Social media, building followers (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook).
  • Google Adwords Search and Adsense Display advertising.
  • Content creation and publishing (Showpad, Piktograph, iBooks, Adobe).

If you're looking for help with designing a new website (this site was built by myself!), increasing your social media followers, building your email list or content creation - get in touch!


Technology Experience
Salesforce Dashboards

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