You need to get on Google's first page search results. After all, potential customers finding your webpage with no previous knowledge of who you are or what you offer (and spending zero advertising budget) is the ultimate in getting potential customers.

But that's complicated. Speak to a typical marketing agency and you'll hear words like SEO, SEM. Technobabble that will make your head explode. But it sounds too complicated, "this is black magic" you think, so you decide to pay the experts (a lot).

If you're lucky, you'll end up on page one of Google's results. Then what?

Where's the sales?

Getting your web page optimised for Google search results is only one part of the picture. You've got to convert those visitors into sales leads. And have you learned any of the so-called "black magic" so you can apply the same approach across your website?

That's why I created a process that not only creates sales revenue from organic search, it removes the "black magic" so you can adopt this process into future campaigns.

Organic Demand Generation - Grow Sales Leads With SEO

My Organic Demand Generation process is built upon the same methodology used in the Sales Demand Generation process and is designed to enable potential customers, that have never heard of your company name, to discover your products or services via a search engine. However, this process is designed to convert those potential visitors into sales revenue.

The Organic Demand Generation process is designed to remove all the confusing technobabble, instead you will learn the key actions that need to be implemented in order to get onto page 1 of Google's search engine results.  There are three key stages to the Organic Demand Generation process: Planning, Execution and Success Analysis.


Taking the information from your Ideal Customer Profile, we identify the keyphrases used by potential customers when searching for products or services you offer. How many times are those searches carried out a month? Where are they carried out? Who is your competition for those keyphrases?



Taking the information from the planning stage, we create and optimise a web landing page based on the keyphrase and, most importantly, what Google expects of your web page and your website. Telling Google what you do, around Google's search optimisation rules is part of the solution. We will also create "off-page" credibility - multiple third party web pages telling Google what you do is what you do.

The web page is also optimised to convert the potential customers visiting your page into Sales Leads - even if you're not paying Google to get on page one, any potential customer visiting to your website that you don't capture is a wasted sales lead.

Organic Funnel

Success Analysis

The Organic Demand Generation process enables you to track how well the Organic Demand Generation process performed: keyphrase performance, Google's search engine results and number of Sales Leads generated.

Identify what worked, what didn't work and take clear actions on building your sales revenue.

How You Will Increase Your Leads and Grow Revenue

An Organic Demand Generation project typically takes 8 days and During that time, I will deliver:

  • Planning: identifying keyphrase, market and competition. Analysis of current page for issues that need addressed.
  • Execution: creating or optimising web page for SEO for agreed keyphrase, optimising contact and lead enquiry forms, as well as using other SEO methodology such as creating and publishing press releases on third party websites, in order to increase organic leads.
  • Success Analysis: Full reports on Analysis and Execution
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Complete coaching and mentoring on SEO methodology enabling the marketing manager to adopt this methodology for other web pages

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