When running a business, you need to produce predictable and scalable sales revenue. But without the fundamentals in place or a clear strategy to execute, sales demand generation is going to be tough. All those social media posts, blogs and emails might be creating "brand awareness", but they're not creating sales.

If you're doing marketing activities yourself, if you have a marketing person or if you're looking to hire someone to take care of marketing - a Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy is imperative if you want to produce predictable and scalable sales revenue.

In my first sales position, I grew sales from zero to over £1.5 million annual sales revenue. In my last position, I generated over £27 million of annual sales revenue pipeline from zero. I achieved this by taking a strategic approach to markets, products and services, followed by a clear execution process. I have now set up my own consultancy helping small businesses across Scotland implement the same strategic approach to their digital sales and marketing

Here's how I do it.


Ideal Customer Profile

The first stage is creating your Ideal Customer Profile which is used to identify your competition and true market potential. Getting back to basics and identifying your Ideal Customer Profile is imperative, you may have created something similar when starting your business but over time that customer persona is often lost.

We identify:

  • Who (job title, industry),
  • Where (location, where they find information online, what social media platforms they use)
  • What (the problems and challenges they are facing)
  • How (how your products and services solve those challenges)
Ideal Customer


Taking your Ideal Customer Profile, we then analyse the true market potential and importantly how you can realise and fulfil that potential - or any gaps where you can't. We will analyse:

  • Where your potential customers are (market)
  • Who else is trying to sell to those potential customers (competitors)
  • What will attract potential customers to your website (content)
  • How your website will convert those potential customers (leads)
  • What you have in place to manage these sales leads and opportunities as well as your digital marketing tools to run campaigns (systems)

Solution and Strategy Execution

Now we have your Ideal Customer Profile and extensive analysis results, the next stage of the Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy is to solve any gaps that have been identified and detail how you would execute your sales growth strategy. You will be in the position to carry this out yourself, as you will receive full reports and documentation - or if you want you, I could help you with the execution with my Sales Demand Generation and Organic Demand Generation processes, as well as Coaching and Mentoring your staff. I can even help fill any gaps with your digital marketing such as email, content or web.

Strategy Report

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