Who is Paul Murphy?

I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m a passionate, creative and results driven digital sales and marketing specialist with over 17 years experience in high growth technology organisations.

In 2005, at IndigoVision, I was "pushed" into my first sales role looking after the Australian territory (I spent a lot of time flying), I grew sales from 0 to over $2m a year within 2 years. I was then pushed..promoted.. into managing the IndigoVision US sales team, where I grew sales from $600k to again over $2m within a year. After that I managed a sales and marketing team at Gael Software, where I grew sales from £650k to £2m within 2 years. After that, I was asked to return to IndigoVision as Head of Demand Generation. Using the same Sales Demand Generation process, I grew sales revenue pipeline from 0 to $34m a year.

How did I achieve this?

Back in 2010 I started to write down the marketing strategies, methods and processes that would produce sales leads and generate revenue. This also took experience from my Business Marketing post graduate degree and combining it with my sales experience. This Sales Demand Generation and Organic Demand Generation processes allowed us to reach potential customers through LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, but also how to convert these potential customers into Sales Revenue.

I created analysis reports to show how effective each campaign was at producing sales revenue. We could then focus our energy on actions that delivered results - revenue.

To me marketing wasn't about Brand Awareness or Website visits, it was about using modern marketing as an integrated part of the sales team, focused on producing Sales Revenue.

Better Call Paul. Today! The Sales and Marketing Consultancy That Generates Revenue.

I have now set up my own Sales and Marketing Consultancy, helping business increase their sales leads and grow revenue through my Sales Demand Generation and Organic Demand Generation processes. I work with clients across Scotland, showing them how to implement these processes, as well as coaching and mentoring their marketing staff, ensuring Marketing activities will continue to produce revenue for months and years to come.

Although I was in senior management roles, my approach is to get hands on with the underlying technology (I'm not the sort of person to sit behind a desk just sending emails..) I've built up an extensive amount of expertise in various sales and marketing technologies, including;

  • CRM reporting, dashboards and analysis (salesforce.com, sage)
  • Web Content Management Systems (DNN, WordPress - this website was created by me using WordPress!)
  • Email campaigns (Campaign Monitor, Exact Target)
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Google Adwords, Optmyzer
  • Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content creation and publishing (Showpad, Piktograph, iBooks, Adobe)

Why Better Call Paul. Today..?

So why the name you may ask? Well, first I wanted something quirkier than my registered company name "Paul Murphy Sales and Marketing Ltd" (as my accountant said, it's good people don't write cheques anymore if you were having to write that out!) I had just finished binge watching the TV series Breaking Bad, where one of my favourite characters was Saul Goodman. In his spin off series, Better Call Saul, he talks about his dream of setting up his own business.

While I don't take on Saul's nefarious practices, I really admired his tenacity and his showmanship... so why not Better Call Paul? It's quirky and memorable - two traits you should definitely add to your marketing!

My Career Timeline


My Technology Experience

Technology Experience

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