When you’re responsible for a business, one of the challenges is generating predictable, scalable revenue, even with the greatest product or service on the planet.

You’ve probably tried digital marketing - social media posts, web blogs, sending emails. Those have generated impressions and clicks. But unless you have the right strategy or process, they won’t deliver sales revenue.

You could hire a digital marketing agency to make your posts more “beautiful”, you’re website more “stunning” and maybe take care of the daunting things like SEO, PPC, OPO. But without the right process in place and without understanding sales methodologies, you’ll likely just increase website visits. You won’t increase sales revenue.

How do you increase sales revenue through your marketing activities?

Better Call Paul. Today!

The Sales and Marketing Agency That Grows Revenue

I'm Paul Murphy and I have 20 years Scottish and International commercial experience, with 12 years in delivering consistent high growth sales revenue. In my first sales position, I grew sales from zero to over £1.5 million annual revenue. In my last position, I generated over £27 million of annual sales revenue pipeline from zero.

I achieved these results by developing digital marketing methods that focus on increasing sales leads and growing revenue, while combining them with more traditional creativity of marketing. Combining the right brain creativity and left brain process can deliver incredible results.

I've now set up my own consultancy, Better Call Paul. Today! (that's the right brain working there) helping small to medium sized businesses across Scotland use these proven marketing methods and digital sales and marketing strategy to grow their revenue.



Digital Sales and Marketing Strategy

Identify true market potential, reach new customers and produce revenue that's scalable and predictable through digital sales and marketing.

Sales Demand Generation

Turn your marketing into a sales demand generation machine. Campaigns that increase sales leads and grow revenue using proven digital marketing processes.

Organic Demand Generation

Reach new customers that are unaware of your company or products. Grow sales revenue through search engine optimisation and Organic Demand Generation.

Mentoring and Coaching

Empower marketing managers through sales and marketing process coaching and continue to grow sales demand.

Other Sales and Marketing Services

Web content management systems (CMS), sales customer relationship management (CRM), email list generation, social media, Google Analytics and Advertising and more.

Want To Grow Your Sales Revenue? Better Call Paul. Today!

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Or if you're ready to find out how I can help you increase leads and grow revenue, go here to get in touch. I'm based in Edinburgh but cover all Scottish small to medium businesses (and wider if required), so fill out your details and let's get you started!

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